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Following the huge success of their first 2 releases on Rabbitfoot/Morphius, the Death Set signed to Ninja Tune/Counter Records for their 'Worldwide' release, and followed that with the Michel Poiccard LP before recently signing with Dim Mak.   Somewhere along the way,. someone at google realized what we had known about a decade before: The Death Set belonged in every household in the world. Maybe not the band itself, but at least a laptop with kids playing The Death Set's massive "Negative Thinking" track while they ran around breaking stuff. Respect! Viva Beau Velasco Velasco.
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Morphius Distribution is proud to announce the remastered reissue of the hugely successful album Hail Megaboys by J. Roddy Walston and The Business. We are happy that the band chose our very own Lord Baltimore Recording Studio to do the re-mastering for their debut album, which will be available for the first time on vinyl. Preorder the color vinyl by email now to make sure you get your copy before all the copies of the first pressing are gone. We'll be shipping out copies the last week of September...less than two weeks from now!
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Clouds Forming Crowns

"Astral Glamour" 3xCD


$20.39 - Buy 3xCD


The Homosexuals - Astral Glamour

From January to December 1977 a punk-band called The Rejects opened for the Damned, the Vibrators, the Jam, XRay Spex, the Adverts, Gen X, 999 and dozens more. Then, in an ultimate two-fingered salute to the music biz, they changed their name to The Homosexuals.

Over the next five years THE HOMOSEXUALS created a musical world of their own. Holed up in no-rent studios and squats, they mined every genre from psych-folk and Afrobeat to punk and dub, added killer hooks, then exuberantly tore it all apart. They wrote and recorded for five years, but they never took out an advert, sent out a promotional record, or got paid for a gig.

Despite releasing 6 records and a cassette on their own they accrued a grand total of two reviews. Despite Recommended Records' release in 1984 of a collection of early tapes and vinyl tracks as "The Homosexuals LP", the band disappeared into a 20-year silence (broken only by the most absurd if entertaining misinformation about sex-changes, madness & foreign intrigue.

The legend has grown, and today the Homosexuals are arguably the most acclaimed-and-least-heard band of the post-punk era. Their complete works on vinyl might be assembled for £500 or so but you’d still be missing their tape (fewer than 10 copies are known to exist).

After more than a year of research and restoration, a hundred hours of conversations with band-members, and endless surprises, the story of The Homosexuals can now be told. ASTRAL GLAMOUR gathers 81 songs and three-plus hours of legendary 1977-1983 artpunk — every Homosexuals song from their records and the C-60, plus a dozen other tracks never released anywhere before.

Astral Glamour also features a full-colour 32-page booklet with scores of unpublished photographs, posters, lyrics, song-by-song comments and an extensive history of their early years.



Disc One:
1 Hearts in Exile (45)
2 Soft South Africans
3 Astral Glamour
4 Divorce Proceeding (from Reality)
5 Collected of You
6 Vociferous Slam (EP)
7 Mecho Madness (EP)
8 Flying
9 Technique Street
10 Mecho Madness II
11 (Do the) Total Drop
12 Walk Before Imitate
13 Neutron Lover
14 Naming of Parts
15 False Sentiments
16 Birds Have Risen I
17 Birds Have Risen II
18 Kiss With Venom
19 A Million Keys
20 My Night Out
21 All About Cheap
22 Hearts in Exile (full mix)
23 Soft South Africans (guitar mix)
24 Collapsible You
25 Regard Omission
26 Galore Galore
27 Cause a Commotion
28 Nippon Airways

Disc Two:
1 Prestel
2 You’re Not Moving the Way You’re Supposed To (part 1)
3 Calvary
4 Symphonic Thaïs
5 ToTo Rello
6 Yoghurt
7 Mad Bombers of Major Valour
8 Re Entry
9 You’re Not Moving the Way You’re Supposed To (part 2)
10 Snapshots of Nairobi (live at the Whisky)
11 Mitsu at the Controls
12 Still Living in my Car
13 Jesus
14 Magic Moments part 2
15 Magic Moments part 1
16 Cheetah (vocal)
17 Early Developments (vocal)
18 One Minute (vocal)
19 Making Eyes (vocal)
20 Vision Expanding (vocal)
21 Charlie Watts (vocal)
22 Galore Galore (vocal)
23 Across Continents
24 Final Distance
25 Pamela
26 It’s What’s In It, Isn’t It?

Disc Three:
1 Nursery Chymes (“Sir Alick & the Phraser”)
2 In Search of the Perfect Baby (“Sir Alick”)
3 Snapshots of Nairobi (instrumental)
4 My Size Side
5 High and Low
6 Black Noise
7 Ants on Parade
8 In My Age
9 Woman/Man
10 Victoria Falls
11 Oh Baby Baby
12 Making Eyes
13 Charlie Watts
14 Symbols I Love
15 Especially to You
16 Two Horizons
17 There are Shy Moons (backmask)
18 Adventure Master of the Future
19 Early Developments 1:54 GH
20 Gimme Gimme
21 One Minute
22 Cheetah
23 Visions Expanding
24 Who Put the Jung in the Jungle Drums
25 Radio Ham Stormy Jam
26 Another Step
27 Funeral


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