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Rabbitfoot / Morphius
Following the huge success of their first 2 releases on Rabbitfoot/Morphius, the Death Set signed to Ninja Tune/Counter Records for their 'Worldwide' release, and followed that with the Michel Poiccard LP before recently signing with Dim Mak.   Somewhere along the way,. someone at google realized what we had known about a decade before: The Death Set belonged in every household in the world. Maybe not the band itself, but at least a laptop with kids playing The Death Set's massive "Negative Thinking" track while they ran around breaking stuff. Respect! Viva Beau Velasco Velasco.
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Southern Brethren/Morphius
Morphius Distribution is proud to announce the remastered reissue of the hugely successful album Hail Megaboys by J. Roddy Walston and The Business. We are happy that the band chose our very own Lord Baltimore Recording Studio to do the re-mastering for their debut album, which will be available for the first time on vinyl. Preorder the color vinyl by email now to make sure you get your copy before all the copies of the first pressing are gone. We'll be shipping out copies the last week of September...less than two weeks from now!
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Water School

"Break Up With Water School" CD


$9.98 - Buy CD


Water School - Break Up With Water School

Water School is a prolifically talented band that expertly combines the diverse influences of Television and Gram Parsons into a poly-textural sound reminiscent of the likes of Neil Young, The Kinks, and Harry Nilsson on their album titled “Break Up With Water School”. Comprised of boyhood friends Mike Gittings, Eric Hopkins, Chris Myers and Matt Scoggins, the members of this Baltimore 4-piece have all been plying their trade for nearly ten years. This debut album charts their progression into accomplished musicians, practiced songwriters, and an evocative core of musical artists.

Their approach to crafting memorable songs is characterized by the interwoven fabrics of the band. Each musical instrument contributes a distinct voicing, but exists more to elaborate on the blend of flavors that creates the rich alt-country soundscape of the band. Adding to the vibrant tonality are emotional and often-poetic narratives that expose the twist and turns of lost loves, now distant friendships, and mercurial personal demons. Still, even the competing tensions of vocal passion and melodic introspection find partial resolution in lush choruses and rich harmonics, a testament to their talent and cohesiveness.

Challenging the boundaries of multi-genre influences and exploring new territories for intelligent rock, Water School’s “Break Up With Water School” CD documents a great band charting new musical territory with complex yet accessible and readily likeable songs.



1. Talking ‘Bout Us
2. Forgive Me Robert
3. The Home We Never had
4. Southern Belle
5. Firefly
6. Sometimes What You Don’t Know
7. (Darling) You Won’t Have To
8. Blooms In Disguise
9. Rosita
10. No Cause For Celebration
11. Andy
12. All God’s Children
13. To All Those Girls


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