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Rabbitfoot / Morphius
Following on the huge success of their first 2 releases on Morphius, we helped the Death Set sign to Ninja Tune’s new imprint Counter Records for their latest release Worldwide.  After their recent world tour including Australia, Japan, Mexico, and the U.S., The Death Set have proclaimed 2009 the biggest year of all time! Check out “Zombie” from Rad Warehouses Bad Neightborhoods on our SXSW2009 digital download sampler and look for the re-issue of their first two EPs plus bonus remixes, Rad Warehouses to Bad Neighborhoods, out 4.17.09.
Morphius Audio Club
What Delicate Recordings
 Morphius Distribution is proud to announce our recent signing of Brooklyn/D.C. quartet Deleted Scenes! Their debut LP, Birdseed Shirt, has garnered rave reviews from both NPR and Spin.com, and Pitchfork called the record "brave and ferocious." Don’t miss them on tour in the U.S. throughout ‘09.
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"Interpretive Belief System" CD


$10.98 - Buy CD

HIM’s debut track “Chemical Mix” appeared on WordSound’s acclaimed Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope, Vol. 1 (WSCD003) compilation. Since then, they have released several albums on labels such as Southern and Bubble Core. Recorded entirely on a 4-track, Interpretive Belief System marks HIM’s return to the same dub techniques that informed Lee Perry’s ‘70s experiments. Scharin introduces new flavors into the mix, however, using cello, live drumming over programmed loops, and treated vocals. The album also features a heavy percussive element and non-traditional “world” rhythms, which place it in an undefinable time and space. In all its subtlety, Interpretive Belief System is a celebration of sound and rhythm.

Despite the group’s rather complicated history and numerous manifestations, HIM is largely the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Doug Scharin. A member of the rich Midwest indie scene, Scharin began HIM as a side project during downtime from his various day jobs (including membership in Codeine, Rex, and June of 44). HIM’s music is consistently labeled as a dub-heavy brand of post-rock. Drawing freely upon the numerous influences of its members, the group is more accurately a fusion of rock, post-punk, jazz, and Afro-beat, with an ear for studio-enhanced roots reggae. Founded in 1995, HIM’s first releases were comprised of Scharin’s solo studio exploration. Using the equipment recently acquired by his band Rex, he began assembling the tracks for his first release, 1995’s Egg. The following year, while visiting Bill Laswell’s Greenpoint Studios in New York, the drummer had a chance encounter with Wordsound label head Skiz Fernando. As a result, HIM’s “Chemical Mix” was featured on the first Crooklyn Dub Consortium compilation. A Wordsound full-length, Interpretive Belief System, followed in 1997.



1. Port Of Entry
(Resistance to the Ugly Spirit Mix)
2. Science Of X
3. Twirling Dub
4. l’esprit n’a pas d’maison
5. The Slow Attack
6. Second Chance

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