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Following the huge success of their first 2 releases on Rabbitfoot/Morphius, the Death Set signed to Ninja Tune/Counter Records for their 'Worldwide' release, and followed that with the Michel Poiccard LP before recently signing with Dim Mak.   Somewhere along the way,. someone at google realized what we had known about a decade before: The Death Set belonged in every household in the world. Maybe not the band itself, but at least a laptop with kids playing The Death Set's massive "Negative Thinking" track while they ran around breaking stuff. Respect! Viva Beau Velasco Velasco.
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Morphius Distribution is proud to announce the remastered reissue of the hugely successful album Hail Megaboys by J. Roddy Walston and The Business. We are happy that the band chose our very own Lord Baltimore Recording Studio to do the re-mastering for their debut album, which will be available for the first time on vinyl. Preorder the color vinyl by email now to make sure you get your copy before all the copies of the first pressing are gone. We'll be shipping out copies the last week of September...less than two weeks from now!
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Little Clayway


Baltimore’s favorite MC now known as Little Clayway was born Roger Clay. He grew up on the mean streets of B-more and began rhyming in 1997. Instilled with talent that got him noticed at an early age, Clay was inspired by hip hop pioneers such as RUN DMC, LL COOL J, and RAKIM. In 2000, just as his first tracks were hitting the airwaves, he formed Clayway Records.

Clay has been increasing his fan base ever since, with hit tracks featuring major artists such as WU TANG’s Cappadonna, DRU HILL’s Sisqo, and nationally acclaimed club producer ROD LEE. Until recently, Clay was Baltimore’s best-kept secret. As witnessed by the thousands of fans who have seen him opening for such acts as FAT JOE, T.I., JUVENILE, YOUNG BUCK, MR. CHEEKS, and JA RULE, it’s hard to deny that the secret is out.

But the guy does a lot more than just flow…Clay is the radio personality behind the eight o’clock bomb on Baltimore’s own favorite urban station WERQ. He’s also the busy C.E.O. of Clayway Records, signing up’n’ coming rap diva April Love to the label last year. And Clay’s acting career has been in full force all along. In 2005, Little Clayway appeared throughout Season 3 of HBO’s THE WIRE. This year he also stars in the feature film Charm City.

And then there’s Still Moving Independently: The Takeover. Including raw uncut footage throughout his career, and a soundtrack including the hottest cuts from his 4 independently released albums. This is his story…



Little Clayway



Little Clayway
"Still Movin' Independently: The Takeover " DVD/CD

Little Clayway
"The Takeover" CD

Little Clayway
"Self-Titled" (The Burgandy) CD

Little Clayway
"Self-Titled" (The White Caddie) CD

Little Clayway
"The Representative" CD



Audio Samples:

- MP3






This record starts with one of the fiercest vocal barks we've ever heard, snapping so sharp, unapologetic and confrontational. Baltimore is right now creating some of the most stunning rap music, leaving listeners breathless like a punch in the heart. The first widespread release from Clayway (who already has a solid underground history) bangs like your favorite New York, but can lurch and squint like some hazy dirty south club track. With production by Rod Lee, Fontane and more, it definitely has that Bmore scavenger quality, all scraps of Dre and Missy but maximized, concentrated and focused for impact. And he can rhyme for days - dark storytelling, super analytical deconstructions of society, and an unfadeable street swagger. The DVD features "no flash and no shining, just me in my neighborhood." 70+ minutes that include videos, a history of Clayway (with some super-endearing footage of a young Clay in tight pressed jeans and a giant boombox in his mom's driveway), and some neighborhood tours of cutty Northeast Baltimore.  (Jackpot Record Reviews)

The release party at Sonar was a good show, a lot of people came out to support Clayway. You gotta respect someone who's been on the independent grind in Baltimore for longer than most, dropping 5 albums since '99. Mullyman, Dirty Hartz, Tyree Colion, April Love, and some other people performed (I think D.O.G. was a no show, but he did perform at Style Warz a week later), and I saw artists like Skarr Akbar and Rod Lee and Tate The Arsenal up in there too. I got to meet Little and tell him that I wrote the City Paper review of his last album, and I talked to him some more at Style Warz. There's now a Clayway Records website, with links to order his older CDs from Morphius, and there's not a link to buy this one yet, but I guess there will be soon. In the meantime, the album is available at Sounds N Da Hood and other stores all over the city. The album itself, I gotta say, is probably the best album I've heard out of Baltimore so far this year, and it's been a real competitive year. It's got his current single "Shake It," and a few songs from the older albums ("Go Head," "Call Me Clayway," "Got Me Fucked Up"), a new remix of "The Best" featuring April Love and Rod Lee, plus a lot of new songs. He really came through with the production (mostly by Fontane and Todd Baker), and the song concepts. His flow is nothing fancy but real conversational and easy to relate to, like he says, "I talk slow, so naturally I like to rhyme slow, so you can analyze every verse of my flow." Also, apparently on a certain number of copies of the album, there's an extra song called "Nothing Like Me," and people who buy a CD that has that song on it win a thousand bucks from Clayway Records, so that's another reason to cop it. As for the DVD, there's 70 minutes of interviews, videos, performance, old footage of Little rapping way back in the 80s, and appearances by Cappadonna, Tim Trees, Comp, Pork Chop, Q, Tyree Colion, and C.D.S. It also includes Clayway's cameo on The Wire, I didn't know he was the guy who shot Dozerman. And as I mentioned in my last post, Clayway also appears in the Charm City movie, which will be released on DVD this Tuesday. (Government Names)


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