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Following the huge success of their first 2 releases on Rabbitfoot/Morphius, the Death Set signed to Ninja Tune/Counter Records for their 'Worldwide' release, and followed that with the Michel Poiccard LP before recently signing with Dim Mak.   Somewhere along the way,. someone at google realized what we had known about a decade before: The Death Set belonged in every household in the world. Maybe not the band itself, but at least a laptop with kids playing The Death Set's massive "Negative Thinking" track while they ran around breaking stuff. Respect! Viva Beau Velasco Velasco.
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Morphius Distribution is proud to announce the remastered reissue of the hugely successful album Hail Megaboys by J. Roddy Walston and The Business. We are happy that the band chose our very own Lord Baltimore Recording Studio to do the re-mastering for their debut album, which will be available for the first time on vinyl. Preorder the color vinyl by email now to make sure you get your copy before all the copies of the first pressing are gone. We'll be shipping out copies the last week of September...less than two weeks from now!
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XX (Australian)

In this New Dark Age of rock-n-roll music, no one with any taste whatsoever can dispute the greatness that was the Australian rock scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. An army of young bands inspired by the gritty Detroit noise of the STOOGES and THE MC5 dragged themselves out of the darkness and burned themselves to cinders in the tiny pubs and garages of cities like Sidney, Brisbane, and Melbourne - seemingly a million miles removed from the media centers of New York, London, and LA (where punk rock was already making the transition from the CBGB’s toilets to the display windows of Bloomingdales.) X was one of them.

Based around the creative core of singer/guitarist Steven Lucas and former ROSE TATTOO bass player Ian Rilen, X have churned out a devastating catalog of fractured rock songs and solidified their reputation as one of Australia’s most intense live acts over the past twenty years. In 1983, X relocated from Sydney to Melbourne and recruited drummer Cathy Green. With this new line-up, the band worked up a blistering new set, combining the sturm und drang of their early material with a new melodic sensibility. 1985’s "At Home With You" was the product, a truly timeless album that has weathered the years as defiantly as THE SAINTS’ "Eternally Yours", THE BIRTHDAY PARTY’s "Prayers On Fire" or RADIO BIRDMEN’s "Radios Appear."



Ian Rilen, Steven Lucas, & Cathy Green



"At Home With You" CD/LP



Yeah. for some reason I was under the impression that this was a LIVE release. No. Its not. Its studio. First thing I notice is the better production... and THE HORNS! Theres horns on this fucking thing; not the whole thing but some of it.... Trumpets. Saxamaphones... I dont know what the kids are calling them thesedays. But I can hear them.... I had VERY high expectations when I put this thing on. Right away I figured it would floor me or bore me.... I mean, FUCK! Aspirations, X‚s first full-on is easily one of the best releases ever. If you asked me, Aspirations would definitly be one of the records I consider a must have. In the press release, something is said about Aspirations holding its own with releases from such Australian heavy hitters as The Saints, The Birthday Party, and Radio Birdman. PUSSIES! They cant hold up to X at all.... Besides, the BEST Australian punk, the big three for me, would be The Chosen Few, The Thought Criminals with X leading the charge. I believe in X.

So. This release definitly dont floor me the way Aspirations did. STATED! Theres a more refined sound on At Home.... a cleaner sound. You know that band Girls against Boys.... New Wet Kojak... Well, They owe something to X and on At Home You can see it. The songs here are tight. Still retaining some of the rawness of Aspisrations but At Home sounds like a band with a bit more comfort than the band on Aspirations. At Home lacks a bit of the desperation that Aspirations had. Its not a bad thing either. DONT LET ME GIVE YOU THE WRONG IMPRESSION: This CD is good. its damn good. in fact, I highly recomend you fucking get it. BUT held up to Aspirations, its not SHIT but its not gold either. Maybe silver (my favorite color though). At Home is catchy. Its grown on me more and more since I had it and my guess is that it will continue to do so....I feel like I can have some inspiring moments when listening to this disc; some real special moments.... Like those beer comercial type moments when you and your friends are drinking away and everyone is laughing and having a good old time... But Im fucking miserable most of the time and so are my friends. Its a chore to just live.
I hate my fucking life.

So, At Home with You.... I feel like Im being hard on it. Its a good release. Continued EXCELLENT song writing. Who am I to judge this band? They are legends. Im just glad to hear this release really. Im no one important. im no one special. Im just some fuck head who thinks he is some sort of Lester Bangs or something. X left their mark and on a release like At Home it fucking shows. Desperation? At Home has a new kind of desperation....It has a new kind of angst: Continued angst! Controlled angst! STATED! Im going to urge my friends to get this release, thats saying somehting. I mean At Home at least doesent have the fucking Batman theme on it...Doing somehting like including "Batman" on your debut LP AND being Australian is strange, but for some reason, befitting. The Jam did the same thing and they looked like fucking buffoons. After all, The Jam dont have songs like "Deliquent Cause" to back themselves up... X do. So the bottom line is you cant afford to pass this LP or Cd or whatever you find up. Get it. You probably wont be unsatisfied. The more I listen, the more it makes me want to kill myself. Its 90 here in Ohio and I dont have A/C. 100% humidity. Death by X; Thats a good thing.

Oh yeah.... Here Morphius is back on my good side and they send me a fucking promo with ten of the twelve songs on the REAL release.... Nice fucking trick. Just when I had the handful of asprin and bottle of vodka.... Im no longer in the mood.(SAB) – Blankgeneration.com


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