While the popularity of the cassette format has declined significantly over the last few years, the audio cassette is still widely used by U.S. Consumers for car listening and home-taping purposes. Whether you should make a cassette version of your album, EP, or single release is a tough question, but you can use the following criteria to decide.

• Is the audience for the product an older demographic of people?
• Is the music or spoken word content for the release religious or self-help oriented?
• Is the release intended to be marketed overseas, especially to less developed countries?

Any release which is specifically targeted to any of these groups or partially targetted to more than one of them is a relatively good candidate for the cassette format, but we recommend that you do further research with your audience, your distributors, and/or the stores and websites that you believe will purchase or carry the product. If you decide to press an audio cassette format, here’s some useful stuff to know...

• Our cassette duplication prices on quantities of 500 units or more are stilled guaranteed to be the lowest in the U.S. (subject to the same terms and conditions as our guarantee on CD duplication) so we’re a good choice for supplier should you decide to make cassettes.

• Cassette formats do best when combined with CD formats. Most distributors prefer to have a cd format of a release in addition to a cassette format, because it allows their accounts to decide what format to carry.

• Although our actual minimum on cassette orders is 100 units, we recommend that you do anywhere between 300 and 1000 cassettes for better unit cost value.

• For orders of 300 units or more, printing directly on the cassette shell is included. Our cassette pricing includes use of premium shells in clear or white and high bias CrO2 (chrome/Chromium Hi Bias) ampex tape. We generally recommend that you use high bias tape for any audio release, including spoken word recordings, but we do offer a discount if you are doing a spoken word release and want to use a normal bias tape instead.

• All our cassette duplication is done using a hi tech duplication process called bin loop mastering, which most engineers consider to be of equal or higher fidelity / audio quality than the recently developed digalog cassette duplication process.

• We recommend the use of clear Norelco Boxes/Cases for packaging your cassettes, and our pricing for these items includes the cost of assembly and overwrap (shrinkwrap).

• We recommend the use of printed j-cards (also called jcards) with any retail cassette order, but we also print the slightly more expensive U-cards and the O-cards (The Ocards get used without a norelco box, but are generally too expensive for runs under 2000 units).

• Our minimum quantity for j-card and u-card printing is 300 units, but that cost is nearly the same as the cost for 1000 units so we generally advise our customers to just order the extras and store them until they are needed.

• Our normal j-card printing is 4/0, which means full color on one side (the front), with no printing on reverse). The addition of black and white printing on the reverse is not expensive, but does add a little extra to the cost. Printing in full color on the reverse side is significantly more expensive and generally not a very good idea. Most of our customers that want additional printing in full color just add additional panels. Extra panels are not very expensive either, but we recommend no more than 3 additional panels.

Please direct any further questions about cassette duplication to us by phone at 410-662-0112 during business hours, or email us whenever you like. For your convenience, a pricing grid with printing costs and various options for cassette duplication is included at the bottom of every custom quote that we do for cassette duplication. So we recommend if you’re considering doing cassette replication that you fill out one cassette quote request. This will give you a good idea about the costs for different quantities and options.

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