One of the reasons that Morphius is a favorite choice for cheap replicating services for bands, solo artists, and record labels is that we not only guarantee a high quality product and top notch customer service, but we also help our our customers sell their releases when they’re finished by giving them a free bar code, free online distribution and direct wholesale marketing to record stores. That’s why so many musicians choose MorphiusDisc to reproduce their releases. Besides that, our music industry, software, and CD-Rom customer in North America know that our CD MANUFACTURING prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in the U.S.

And we’re happy to work with any customer, whether they need short run replication for 50 CD-R s or replication and design for 1,000,000 CD-ROM specialty shape disks or DVD s.

All our inserts and jackets are printed on state-of-the art printing presses, including direct-to-plate processing, automated folding and stitching equipment, and machine automated packaging. All our packaging facilities are equipped with top spine label machines and automated applicators for printed stickers and roll labels.

Click here to find out more about our other printing & packaging services (including product warehousing). And check out our other specialty products: jewel cases, printed cardboard jackets, alternative eco-conscious packaging, and digipaks, tyvek and paper envelopes. DVD s, high quality audio cassettes duplication, and printing of all different types of inserts and record jackets, stickers, posters, label catalogs, fanzines, promotional packages, t-shirts or banners for you.

MorphiusDisc Mfg, not just a total solution, but an ideal strategy for getting your products noticed.



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