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FREE Online Distribution now included with all manufacturing orders. Get distributed on, iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of specialty Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic & Alternative sites. more info here.
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If you are setting up your own art, please use out templates to ensure correct sizing and layout. Download our templates.
Interested in a barcode for your project? Most stores will not even accept a CD without one. MorphiusDisc Mfg will supply you with a FREE barcode for your project, a $300 dollar value if you were to apply for your own number. For more info click here.
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Click here to fill out our automated Distribution application (including iTunes & other digital download sites,,,, and others), or read on below for more information...

At Morphius Manufacturing, we realize that putting a free barcode on your CDs and pressing them is just the 1st step. Earning some money along the way to invest in your future career is just as important. With that in mind, our manufacturing department has developed a program that enables you to promote, sell, and ultimately get your music heard. As a well-established wholesaler and distributor of recorded music around the world, Morphius gives your release an advantage that no other manufacturers possess: access to thousand of music fans. Morphius Distribution not only sells product online on, but also around the world as a wholesale distributor to independent and chain stores, various one-stop distributors, online stores such as,, and others, and to digital download services such at iTunes, eMusic and many others. For Artists with national demand or international demand that need a distributor who can get their titles distributed to chain stores around the world like Borders, Barnes & Noble, Virgin, Sam Goody, Best Buy, and many others, Morphius Distribution can get you there directly, or we can advise you how to do so on your own.

IN ORDER TO CONTINUE DEVELOPING this valuable asset, we have re-designed our online store to allow us to offer our entire catalog direct to consumers. As part of this redesign, we created a special program to allow us to sell your CDs as well. So if you choose to manufacture with us, you’ll have access to the power of the brand name plus a complimentary web address at — completely free of charge. And if we’re distributing for you, all your releases will also automatically appear in our 10000+ title catalog.

To increase your exposure, we'll provide you with a free link to connect your fan base directly to your featured web slot and make it easy to order your CDs. Although some of our competitors offer this type of service, placing your project with Morphius has the unique benefit of putting you in the company of famous artists like The Strokes, The Donnas, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl, DJ Kool, Pere Ubu, The Clash, The Pietasters, Labtekwon and over five thousand others.

Because we feature so many artists of different styles, our website gives your fans a reason to keep coming back over and over again. In order to give your release better visibility, we'll let you add Reviews of your music, feature your own MP3s in our download section, and participate in special sales programs, all of which will help make your music more accessible. To help you distinguish your project, we'll also display your cover shot, and include all the important info about your music — fully integrated into the Morphius Database.

What's even better is that you keep 75% of the money that we collect for the sale of your CDs and for download sales…And this program is available exclusively for Morphius Manufacturing customers.

Considering all the obstacles in today’s marketplace to getting your music heard and sold, our program takes all the quality tools of current web technology, combines them with the credibility of an established distribution network, and puts all of it at your disposal.

Click here to fill out our automated Distribution application (including iTunes & other digital download sites,,,, and others), or If you have further questions please feel free to contact Matt Selander by phone at (410) 662-0112 or email We look forward to serving your pressing and distribution needs.

MorphiusDisc Mfg, not just a total solution, but an ideal strategy for getting your products noticed.


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Select the product you would like to receive a pricing quote for below. Instant Quotes are available for CDs/DVDs/Vinyl/In Cases/Jackets & Digipaks. Instant Quotes also Includes Package Pricing Specials for Posters & Postcards.

Custom Quotes are also available here on our quotes page. We will get back to you promptly with a customized quote. If you need immediate service, you are welcome to call us at 410-662-0112 weekdays between 10 AM and 6 PM (Eastern Standard Time).


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