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OUR MISSION: In 2007 Morphius Records helped found one of the only recording studios in Maryland that features full service recording, mixing and mastering. Best of all, our recording studio is right in our Baltimore HQ. Lord Baltimore Recording Studio is our best-of-both-worlds setting for digital and analog recording, with an array of high end gear to satisfy even the most serious studio technophile, but pricing that remains affordable for the independent musician. The goal of the recording studio is to provide an atmosphere for musicians to work both creatively and efficiently. Clients will notice right away that our recording studio has a look that is both unique in flavor and ergonomic as a workspace, and enjoy the feel of recording in our spacious main tracking room, which includes a large floating soundstage.

PLATFORMS: Our formats include Digital via a Protools HD2 system, and Analog via a Sony APR24Machine (24 Track 2"). We use Dynaudio BM15A Active Mastering Monitors as well as Yamaha NS10's in our custom designed control room, complete with a floated hardwood/carpet hybrid floor that is ideal for comfort and sonics. We also have a Control Room B that is perfect for beat production, post production, and audio editing, and is set up with a Maschine, an MPC, and various other drum machines, along with Pro Tools and multiple other platforms including Komplete (v.9), Logic (v.9), and Reason (v.5).

CONVENIENCE: Bands working in our recording studio enjoy the convenience of easy individual monitor setup via our Hearback Personal Monitor Mixer System, which allows everyone the freedom to hear exactly what they want while tracking. And our lounge offers an alternate listening environment for clients away from the control room.

VERSATILITY: This setup gives us the ability to record all sorts of music effectively...everything from pop and rock to hip-hop/rap & electronic music, as well as punk/hardcore, metal, experimental, country, reggae, jazz, R&B, and various types of world music. We also record spoken word material, narration for broadcasting purposes, and VoiceOver. For our out-of-town VoiceOver clients, we offer the ability to produce a session remotely via Skype with their local talent.

GEAR: Besides feature analog gear like our Manley Massive Passive stereo EQ, Manley Vari-mu Tube Compressor, 20 channels of outboard mic preamps, and lots of cool rack effects, we have a variety of vintage amps, a great selection of microphones, and a vintage MCI JH636 console that has been reconditioned and re-capped (it was Ray Charles' demo board at one time, and sounds awesome). Check out our full gear list.

If you'd like to consider recording or mixing here or sending us your next release for mastering, contact us to get more information, or go here to read more info about scheduling a tour or booking a session.

MorphiusDisc Mfg, not just a total solution, but an ideal strategy for getting your products noticed.

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