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If you are setting up your own art, please use out templates to ensure correct sizing and layout. Download our templates.
Interested in a barcode for your project? Most stores will not even accept a CD without one. MorphiusDisc Mfg will supply you with a FREE barcode for your project, a $300 dollar value if you were to apply for your own number. For more info click here.
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Shaped CDs

Shaped CDs, Business Card CDs) and CUSTOM SHAPED CD-ROM DISCS

The following information is presented for informational purposes only. Because of complexities in the patent laws regarding non-circular CDs, we do not currently make, use, offer, sell, or import shaped discs. However we are happy to make full size discs and provide our customers with whatever current information we have regarding licensed facilities for cutting or shape customization for round discs.

for those not familiar with this type of item, here is a little bit of background: The standard 58mm card holds 40MB of information. In layman's terms, that is roughly equivalent to one of the following:

• about 4:30 of music at CD quality
• about an album of MP3s at high quality
• about 5 minutes of video,
• an 80 minute slideshow,
• 10,000 pages of text,
• or 2,000 web pages with pictures.

Although we can't cut discs for you, we're happy to advise you regarding disc shapes and recommend an appropriate facility to complete your customiization.. Below you will see a variety of shapes which have been tested by various third parties and are commonly known to be balanced properly for discs. These example shapes and their information capacities are provided for informational purposes only. The images and estimates were provided to us by a third party cutting facility and no warranties or representations, either express or implied are made regarding these templates, including but not limited to the accuracy of the estimated sizes listed for each shape and any licenses required for the creation of discs in these shapes.

Business Card
58MM (40MB)

Business Card
60MM (50MB)

66MM (85MB)

Square (45MB)

Mini-Disc (185MB)

Axeblade (25MB)

Triangle (25MB)

Bolthead (80MB)

Cogwheel (65MB)

Flower (80MB)

Pentagraph (50MB)

Star-5 (25MB)

Along with our comprehensive services for CD production and printing, Morphius has been a pioneer in the creation of specialty products for the last 10 years and we have hundreds of satisfied clients across the U.S. Canada and UK. We hope you will select us as the company to replicate your next project. We offer a huge variety of services to the music industry in North America, specializing in CD and DVD MANUFACTURING at prices guaranteed to be the lowest in the U.S. We can reliably handle your next project, whether you need cheap short run replication for 100 DVD-R s or DVD replication and design, including content authoring for mass quantities of a DVD-Rom or a feature length DVD movie (including duplication of DVD-5, DVD-9, and DVD-10). When we’are finished replicating your discs, we'll help you sell them around the world, via online distribution and directly to video stores and distributors.

Using state-of-the art equipment, including a direct-to-plate printing system and machine automated packaging, we are able to offer the full spectrum of printing & packaging services (including product warehousing) and can help you complete any project from the design phase to its completion. A vast array of styles are available, including standard CD jewel cases, specialized DVD jewel cases, numerous cardboard & alternative eco-conscious packaging styles, CD digipak, DVD digipaks, top spine labeling, security stickers and more. And as always, we are happy to provide all our customers with a free bar code.

In addition to our full service line of CD & DVD Duplication & Replication products, we offer video editing and digital authoring services, and short run DVD-R replication, We also print all different types of inserts and record jacket packaging. We also print stickers, posters, printed catalogs, magazines, promotional packages, t-shirts, and banners for you. If you don't see what you're looking for on our site, just ask us about it. It's very likely that we can help.

MorphiusDisc Mfg, not just a total solution, but an ideal strategy for getting your products noticed.


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