No matter what product you are promoting, the use of a printed sticker can be helpful. Whether you are trying to call the consumer’s attention to a product warning, such as a parental advisory sticker, or to some special feature of the product like a famous guest vocalist, a sticker applied to the outside of the product shrinkwrap can be useful.

MorphiusDisc offers stickers reproduced from your artwork in styles and sizes ranging from economical printed roll labels at 2 square inches or less to eye-popping full color mirrored magnetic vinyl stickers measuring 3 feet by 3 feet (1296 square inches). And we also print everything in between. Use our sticker quote request form to get quotes on all different bumper sticker sizes, all printed on waterproof high quality vinyl material, or ask us for a quote on one of our economy kwik-ship size bumper stickers, including a variety of oval, circular, square, rectanglular, and other shapes.

Please direct any further questions about sticker sizing to us by email or phone us at 410-662-0112 during business hours, and we will contact you with a price estimate promptly.

MorphiusDisc Mfg, not just a total solution, but an ideal strategy for getting your products noticed.


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