Tips for Taking Care of your Vinyl Collection

Since 1948 vinyl records have been making their way into the homes of music fans all around the world. Now after a sudden resurgence, modern artists are also choosing vinyl records as a platform to distribute their music. From the very start of your collection, properly storing your collection is going to be the key to long lasting sound. Here are a few tips to keep your vinyl collection in excellent condition. 

Vertical Storage- The only time a record should be placed horizontally is when it is being played. Storing your records vertically is what prevents warping on the disc itself. Using a wide basket is a great way to keep them organized and staying vertical. Make sure to keep them in a cool, dry, place away from any sunlight or humidity which can also damage the record. 

Protecting the Record- In addition to storing your records vertically, always make sure that they are put in an inner sleeve to protect against dust and dirt getting into the grooves. Always place your records in the sleeve, do not drop them. Also be sure to put the record in the jacket to protect it even further when it is not in use. Record jackets are often unique designs that are bold and colorful. When you store them correctly, the color itself also lasts longer. 

Wet and Dry Cleaning- Depending on the time that you have, wet or dry cleaning your vinyl records are both options. For wet cleaning, using a gentle micro-fiber cloth and a special cleaning fluid removes fingerprints, dust, and dirt from your record. While it takes more time, it provides a deeper clean. On the day to day, dry cleaning is another choice. Ideally, you would clean the record before and after each use using an anti-static carbon fiber brush to gently brush away the particulates. 

With the proper care, your vinyl records will stand the test of time. If you are interested in record pressing our team is able to handle your request. If you are looking for a recording studio in Maryland, our Baltimore studio can assist you in finding your sound both live and on vinyl. 


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