Why CDs are still Relevant

Streaming has widely appeared to have taken over the music industry. Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Amazon have all been major players in providing music on demand to millions of listeners around the world. Despite this switch to music on our phones or tablets, CDs still have a place in the music world. For that reason, CDs should continue to be produced by artists on every level of fame. 

For starters, CDs themselves are incredibly cost effective. CD manufacturing costs vary based on the number of CDs purchased. However, for independent artists without a large budget, the discs can be sold profitably for a fair price. Compact Discs serve as a physical distribution of your music. They can be sold during shows as well as given away to fans on social media as a promotional tool. 

Music lovers love CDs because of the actual audio recording, which is of significantly better quality than digital downloads. A standard CD delivers 1,411.2 kilobytes per second while iTunes (as of 2020, for example) delivers at just 256KB. This difference is a large reason why CD and vinyl sales have remained steady/grown over the last decade. The sound quality still matters to fans! 

True collectors also know that not only is the sound itself important, but the packaging of the CD itself is part of the appeal. While streaming services provide a picture of the album art, a CD provides the opportunity for extremely detailed, personalized album art. Digipaks, jewel cases, and printed cardboard sleeves are just a few of the options that are available for CDs to be sold in and protected in. Not only does this make for an aesthetically pleasing display, but also offers the opportunity for exclusive content to be distributed in addition to providing fans with a more personalized buying experience. 

At Morphius Records, we not only offer CD and vinyl manufacturing but also short-run CD/DVD duplication. Our recording studio in Baltimore, Maryland offers a relaxed environment to record and mix. Our audio mastering and mixing engineers are professionals who can assist you throughout the process. 

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