Please use these templates to complete your artwork.  Although we can accept art supplied on other companies’ templates for most products, using the correct template from our site will ensure your project goes smoothly.  Refer to our ART TUTORIAL for helpful answers to complicated questions that you or your designer may have.

If you do not have access to Adobe inDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, we advise you contact us  by phone at (410) 662-0112  or e-mail before starting work on your project.  Some of our customers are able to effectively use other software to create their design projects, complications are frequent and it may be more time- and cost- efficient for you to supply your text and images electronically and let us finish the design for you.

 We are in the process of updating some of our templates. The links to each format should include .zip files with the template for the insert configuration listed (including tray card for jewel case formats) plus the disc surface template, in all these formats:.

inDesign          Illustrator templates  Illustrator        Photoshop templates  Photoshop       pdf templatesPDFInDesign templates

Certain formats may have more than one option.  If you do not know which template(s) should be used for your project, please contact us for confirmation before wasting time (and potentially money) setting up your design on the wrong sizing.


Placeholder text for 11×17 poster  switch this to poster template

Placeholder text for 18×24 poster  switch this to poster template

Please contact us if you don’t see the template for the product you are looking for here.  


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Clothing Items

Placeholder text for dye sublimation jersey   switch this to jersey template