Since the invention of the compact disc (1982), CD replication & DVD replication (1996) ushered in a revolution in music and multimedia. Starting with the original industry standard jewel case format for CD replication, then the advent of digipak printing and the very tasteful CD in digipak format, and finally the immensely popular CD in eco-wallet packaging, including all sorts of CD manufacturing packaging variations (printed gatefold jackets, CD wallets, and printed CD sleeves).With the invention of digital video disc, DVD duplication and DVD duplication immediately changed the way people watched movies, with the release of DVD in Amaray Cases, both for purchase and rental from video stores.  Some years later, DVD digipak printing became the favorite packaging format for multimedia releases of popular movies and TV shows.

Nearly 40 years later, although DVD manufacturing, CD pressing, and other physical media has taken a back seat to streaming and digital download options, most musicians and filmmakers still consider the format an essential component of widespread retail success.

MorphiusDisc Mfg recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” scenario with our customers.  Some need rush duplication of 2000 CDs, and a separate promo CD to service radio & press.  Others only need 100 CDs and aren’t in a hurry.  We make it our mission to help with the process.  If we can make it easier for you, we will.  With all our CD manufacturing packages our customers get a free UPC barcode.  Plus we offer free digital distribution and a low cost physical distribution package, with free ISRC codes.  Lastly, we include awesome promotional tools & customized artist pages on the morphius site with many retail packages.

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