Custom Apparel – Dye Sublimation printing: Printed jerseys & clothing printed using dye sublimated cut & sew shirts. Dye sublimated clothing allows printing edge-to-edge design with all-over print graphics and vivid colorful detail.

Our cut and sew dye-sub shirts get produced using photographic quality printing. The clothing is all hand-sewn after printing.

A highly skilled cut and sew team sews the garment, for custom edge-to-edge textiles. You get high quality garments, with full coverage printing in full color.

Beyond dye sublimated jerseys, ask for pricing on full kits / uniforms (jerseys, shorts, and socks). We offer many different printed shirt options (including t-shirts, tank tops, and cotton tees), jackets, hoodies, rain shells.

Morphius prints many specialty items including printed towels, tablecloths, custom banners, flags. We offer multiple fabric choices includes milk-fabric, dry-fit, moisture wicking, UV protection with all our clothing products

Custom Apparel – Dye Sublimation Printing gets used around the world by many different sports categories. Most sports use sublimated jerseys including football, soccer, rugby, baseball, golf, racing, archery, bowling, pro fishing, and shooting. Dye sublimated jerseys are also a fantastic way to outfit servers and other staff in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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