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    Are you looking to save money with creativity and DIY printed artwork?  Promote your release economically with budget CD & DVD duplication in bulk or with unprinted packaging.  We offer a variety of budget-friendly disc replication and duplication options for more price-conscious musicians. But don’t let the cheap disc duplication price fool you, the quality is top notch.  Despite the industry’s shift to downloaded and streamed media, artists still find it easier to promote their releases using a physical product they can hand out to people they meet.

    With cheap disc duplication (CD or DVD) conveniently located right in the heart of Baltimore, we make it easy.  Our customers can pick up from our HQ or get inexpensive next-day shipping on cd replication to many regional locations.  One day transit points include Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, New York City, Delaware, Pennsylvania & West Virginia.

    About the terminology used on this page:

    CD Replication / DVD Replication
    In the CD replication and DVD replication process, we create a “glass master stamper” with a laser beam recorder.  Then we use it to “stamp” the information onto raw polycarbonate material formed into round discs.  Directly after making the discs, we print the artwork right onto the surface of the CD or DVD. Morphius uses both offset and silkscreen printing on our replicated CDs and replicated DVDs.

    CD Duplication / DVD Duplication
    Also called CD-R Duplication or DVD-R Duplication, this process happens a lot differently. In duplication, we “burn” the disc info (music, movies, videos, etc) onto pre-made blank CD-R media and DVD-R media. Similar to the process used by someone sitting at their computer and making a single disc.  The main difference is that we use machines specifically designed to do many of them at a time.  We also perform quality control on each disc made. Then we print onto the CD-R and DVD-R media using a high resolution print method.  We also use specially formulated blank discs with a white surface to enhance the printed look of the finished product.