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Click here for a virtual tour. Morphius Records offers world class mastering options for your audio project, at pricing lower than most other mastering studios in our state-of-the-art in-house mastering facility Lord Baltimore Recording. With more than 50 years of combined experience, and incredibly powerful mastering tools at our disposal, our mastering engineers and project supervisors will ensure that your project sounds its best.

If you’re interested in our mastering services, you can upload your project to us securely  (with no obligation whatsoever). We’ll let you know how much it can benefit from the mastering process and give free tips on how to make sure that your finished product sound its best.  For additional questions, email us or phone us at 410-929-3786 during business hours.

The mastering process involves fine-tuning levels & equalization of each track, optimizing track volume levels using limiting, compression and EQ.  But it can be tricky to understand.  Sometimes the process is just fine-tuning a great recording, while other times it’s a corrective process to fix problems with the original recording/mix, vocal sibilance, or odd noises (popping or static).

One thing Mastering is notthe phase of your recording to take chances letting someone who isn’t an expert finish your album.  The most commonly heard complaint we get from clients about mastering is “a friend offered to help master my album for free…” but it didn’t end up sounding that great.

Don’t make that mistake.  It can be like ruining a delicious cake with bad icing…


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