Vinyl Records (12”)


Due to unprecedented demand industry-wide we are experiencing significant delays to vinyl turnaround times. A customer service rep will confirm current turnaround prior to placement of your order. There is currently a $49/side surcharge on lacquer cutting, & a per-unit surcharge (+99¢/ea on 50-450 +94¢/ea on 500-950, and +89¢/ea on 1000+) on vinyl orders.
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Upgrade Options

Upgrade your records (vinyl color, weight)

  • black vinyl is included on all orders. Uncheck this box to see your upgrade options for white, clear, or color vinyl and select one or multiple vinyl color configurations. A customer service rep will confirm the actual color selection(s) made with you after your order has been placed.

  • All stock colors can be requested as opaque or translucent. You can view our stock color options from the link at the top of this page. Color matching will not be exact.

  • note, if you are upgrade less than the total quantity selected for this order to color vinyl, any remaining qty will be done as black vinyl and this setup fee manually added to your invoice after checkout

Add-on Cost per unit

  • Quantity on Clear Vinyl (Adds 48¢/unit) * $0.48

    Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Quantity on White Vinyl (Adds 48¢/unit) * $0.48

    Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Quantity on Stock Color Vinyl (Adds 69¢/unit) * $0.69

    Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Quantity on Custom Color Vinyl (Adds 62¢/unit) * $0.62

    Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Quantity on Metallic Vinyl (Adds 98¢/unit) * $0.98

    Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Quantity on Black Vinyl (Adds 0¢/unit) *

    Min: 100Max: 1900

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Grand total

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on this page you can order audiophile vinyl pressing.  We manufacture your vinyl on a new warmtone press, using virgin vinyl, to ensure we can produce the most audiophile vinyl possible.  Just one of the reasons we are a favorite vinyl manufacturer.  The process starts with expert lacquer cutting in a state of the art studio on a fully restored Neumann lathe.

You can see and hear some of our most popular vinyl releases on the  Morphius Records bandcamp site

Our standard 12″ Vinyl Manufacturing – Record Pressing is done on black vinyl at 140G weight, but we also offer upgrades to 180G weight and color vinyl. Color vinyl options are: white vinyl, clear vinyl, translucent colors (red, green, yellow, blue), custom/opaque colors (anything we can make by mixing our standard colors together), and metallic vinyl (silver or gold). for any custom color request, you can provide us with either a pantone number or a jpeg or other color sample (CMYK mode recommended for greater accuracy).

Our Vinyl Manufacturing – Record Pressing process starts with cutting audio lacquers using a fully restored and rebuilt Neumann lathe, after a critical review of the audio to ensure best results and maximize compatibility for the transfer to vinyl. From there, the lacquers are plated, converting them to mothers and stampers which will actually press the test pressings (if applicable), and then the records themselves.

Our goal is always to make a record that sounds as good as our client’s source or better, audiophile quality whenever possible, within the limitations of the vinyl format, and our use of conventional lacquer process is proven as a superior method to the less full range DMM (direct metal mastering) process that some vinyl plants use to cut corners.

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For more information about how we make our vinyl records, get in touch with us anytime.