Here you'll find illustrations and explanations of our most popular vinyl record products and packaging options.  if you aren't that familiar with the products you're looking to make, this section will be very helpful.  it also includes examples of various upgrades and other options  that you might have seen and be wondering about–most of which may require custom quotes or not be directly orderable from our site.  If you see something you might want to add, make a note of what it's called when you create your order or quote request.  usually it just takes us a little while to tell you what it would add to your order and we can set up the customization for you if you decide you want it. 

Vinyl Records: Record weight, Vinyl Colors & Center Labels

140GRAM or 140G versus 180GRAM or 180G.  This refers to the weight of the actual record once pressed.  Many collectors feel that a slightly heavier record creates a better listening experience.

180GRAM is an per unit upgrade, currently available by request

BLACK VINYL   black is the standard vinyl color we offer, and the default color on our vinyl orders

STOCK COLOR VINYL  the "Stock Color" category includes clear vinyl, white vinyl, and a selection of simple color builds, whether translucent or opaque

CUSTOM COLOR VINYL Custom color vinyl includes more complicated color builds, and ones where a particular level of matching is required

by default, our center labels are printed black & white, via a high quality offset printing process which allows for photo quality halftoning. 

Certain configurations include an automatic upgrade to full color printing.  We do offer an economy "downgrade" to either plain white labels (no printing) or labels that are printed in solid colors.  skipping printing on your records does save a bit of money, but it's most useful if you are wanting to do some customized decoration of the center labels (like a handwritten message or band name or autograph


Inner Sleeves, Inserts & Download Cards



by default, our 12" vinyl records come with a PLAIN WHITE INNER SLEEVE, however some of our customers prefer to upgrade.  We also offer a SOLID BLACK INNER SLEEVE , and both the plain white and solid black versions can be upgraded to a polylined version (with a protective inner clear plastic POLYLINED PLAIN WHITE INNER SLEEVE (available for a small upcharge

Record Jackets and Inner Sleeves

Most retail configurations of vinyl include both an inner sleeve as well as an outer jacket.  We currently offer two standard options of outer jackets, as follows:

STANDARD OUTER JACKET (with Spine).  This is the most frequently seen type of record jacket.  The record slides in on the right side, the front and back panels are printed edge-to-edge, and there is a little quarter inch spine for you to include the band/artist name, the title of the release, and then typically a catalog number and/or record label name.

and the other our Eurojacket (no spine).  Some fans of vinyl who may be familiar with eurojackets have probably noticed that most companies who produce these (our competitors) print them using a thinner type of cardboard that feels flimsy and bends quite easily.  Ours are not like that...we produce them on the same 20pt board material as our standard jackets.  That said, they are a bit easier to construct, so we offer them at a somewhat lower price.

Regardless of which of these options you pick, we print on the same high quality premium "board product" (that's the term industry printers use for cardboard sheets that we use to make the jackets).

Full Color Printing is the default option used to print on the record jackets.  Also sometimes referred to as CMYK (standing for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black)